Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby back ribs - yum, yum

If anyone lacking a sense of humour overheard Hannah's dad and me talking about her we'd probably be up on charges of intent to commit cannibalism.

"Yum, yum baby back ribs..."

"You can have the ribs, I want those nice meaty drumsticks."

"I'm basting her with the special sorbolene sauce."

"Baby stuffed with mummy-milk. Yum, yum."

Hannah clearly appreciates her inherent tastiness. She spends most of he waking hours now sucking her fingers and hand and trying to stuff one or both fists at the same time into her mouth. Maybe she is a self-cannibal.

I'm not quite sure why so much of our humour around Hannah is so black. Because we love her so much and would never do her any harm.

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