Monday, June 7, 2010

15 weeks today

And doesn't time fly. Our little girl is now into her third round of sizes - she's mostly wearing 00's, although she's up to 0's in the oddly-sized Bonds and Target Bright Bots growth suit range.

Her parents are very boring - we favour the 'feminist purple' and hot pink Baby Bots cotton suits with velour polar fleece suits for cold nights.

We have given up storing clothes - if Hannah has a little sister, we will start again. Most items we received free of charge anyway, grow suits can be had for less than $10 each from Target and other new parents deserve the baby clothes karma we have benefited from.

Hannah is drinking 180ml of mama's milk five times a day (only the fresh stuff - we're hoping she will accept some of the frozen milk mixed with her food when she gets onto solids).

She is pressing up strongly on her elbows, lifting her head and kicking with incredible force. She does not yet roll or crawl properly but she loves playing a counting game where we help lift her into standing position. She's also learnt that when she gets put onto the change table to put her legs up so we can easily change her nappy. She is a very clever, as well as strong girl.

She smiles occasionally for us but is mostly a very serious little girl. She can break our hearts with her steady serious gaze from her big brown eyes.

As part of our bedtime routine I read Hannah a chapter of a book each night even though she is too young to understand anything yet. This gets her used to my voice and to the concept of reading and signals that it is time to go to sleep. After getting bored senseless reading about Spot the dog I decided I would only read what I enjoyed - a bored reader does not transmit a love of books to the listener.

We have read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; we are now reading Winnie the Pooh. I have discovered that these classics not only stand the test of time but are more enjoyable when read out loud - it's hard to appreciate the poetry and verse when read silently to one's self. The books are clearly designed as much for adults as children with clever puns and delightful nonsense that stand many repeated reads.

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