Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vacination day

Yesterday Hannah got her first round of vaccinations - polio, diphtheria, whooping cough and more. Unfortunately whooping cough has made a comeback in Australia, partially due to moronic ill-informed parents who believe the risk of side-effects from vaccinations outweigh the benefits. I guess this happens when we forget that thousands of children used to die each year from what are now largely preventable diseases.

So Hannah's father and I also had a booster whooping cough shot accompanied by a tetanus injection.

Interesting fact: apparently vaccinations only 'take' in about 90% of recipients, according to our maternal health nurse. Those who aren't properly immunised are protected due to the fact that the majority of people around them are protected and hence not getting and spreading the disease. But once you have too many people opting out of vaccinations everyone who isn't fully immunised is at risk of getting the disease - including that 10% of the population who thought they were immunised. And this is what happened with whooping cough in NSW. Whooping cough is not a big deal for healthy adults; in fact they may not even realise they have it while they are spreading it around the community. Hence the push for carers, as well as babies, to be immunised.

Hannah was the very last baby to receive her shot at the health centre. Which was a good thing as she expressed her displeasure by opening her bowels and releasing a stench that could be smelt a kilometre away.

It was still better than risking she get polio or whooping cough.

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