Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 weeks tomorrow

Hannah Smiles for Daddy

Hmm, mum has been a bit slack in updating the blog!

Over the past 4 weeks Hannah has:
  • Had her first illness - conjunctivitis - which embarrassingly manifested itself at a party held in her honour where we asked everyone with sick kids to stay away.
  • Started sleeping through the night (averaging 6-7 hours now - we have to be very quiet about this at the New Parents' Group where many babies only manage 2-3 hours at a time).
  • Discovered her hands which she explores with her mouth and tongue at every opportunity.
  • Pokes out her tongue at every opportunity - this is apparently an essential step in her learning to talk.
  • Been out and about with mum on playdates, visiting her new 'best friends' - Georgia the fashionista who is passing on her outgrown clothes (Sonya's daughter) & Josephine, Bronwyn's daughter who is just 3 weeks younger than her and the only baby we've met to have even more hair than Hannah at such a young age.
  • Visited mum's work and met the new boss as well as other colleagues - I've put in a formal application to work 2 days a week from home and am hoping the new rights for parents to request flexible working arrangements will assist with this.
  • Visited 'Aunty Mel' and her children in Gisborne (who passed on even more gorgeous handknits for her), an indoor play centre in Footscray (where mum met up with Sonya & Nadine from work) & Ana in Yarraville (who is due to give birth any day).
  • Had lunch in Hurstbridge with Grandpa Alex & her Uncle John.
  • Caught up with 'Aunty' (honourable title) Susan in Toorak and lunched at Georgio's in Malvern.
  • Attended Joshua Solomon's 6th birthday party (today)
And I'm sure there have been other things.

Mum has still been taking plenty of photos - including ones of Hannah in her latest knit; an 80s black rainbow funk version of the rather more sedately named 'Elizabeth Tunic'.

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