Thursday, March 4, 2010

Never a nuisance

Like all new parents we are going through a steep learning curve as we get to know Hannah and try to anticipate her needs. This is not always easy, especially as her only form of communication with us when she is unhappy is crying. The crying can mean anything from "I'm hungry" to "I'm lonely", "I'm cold and wet (yes, somehow I managed to pee on my clothes despite the fact I have a high quality disposable nappy securely and correctly attached)", "My bottom is sore and tender", "I need to burp/fart", "I want a cuddle", etc, etc.

Earlier this week Hannah cried almost non-stop for 3 hours and no amount of nappy/clothes changing, food, cuddles, walks around the house, etc could really settle her down. Then finally she lets out a MASSIVE fart and promptly falls asleep. It was just gas pains. And I had just learnt not to assume she was gas-free just because she'd had two major burps after her feed - she is a tardis who can fit in more gas, poop, wee and food inside than the outside of her body suggests.

Later that day in an email I mentioned that it had been a challenging day with Hannah - and that's all I meant. I received a response from someone who will remain anonymous:

Sorry to hear that Hannah's a nuisance, but she's obviously well and I'm sure you'll learn to accept the "minor problems" of parenthood, like all other parents (groan).

I was flabbergasted. Hannah's behaviour was challenging, but Hannah herself is wonderful and perfect just the way she is. Her crying per say doesn’t upset me; I just hate it when she is unhappy and I can’t work out why. In many ways she is like a cat; when I cuddle her to soothe her, she ends up soothing me. She is just so bright and alert and responsive to us; she may have Jeff’s colouring but she definitely has a lot of my expressions and attitude. Hannah's behaviour has her challenging, difficult and even frustrating moments but she herself is never, ever a nuisance.

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  1. ((hugs)) the silly things people say when their mind is obviously not engaged, how could sweet Hannah EVER be a nuisance!! She is so lucky to have you both to love her and care for her :0)